Monday 27 December 2010

Bakfiets Long delivered

In the morning, 23rd December a huge bloke with a peculiar accent knocked on my door. This could mean only one thing - the cargobike arrived from the Netherlands. The cheerful chap led me to his enormous lorrym where my precious purchase was waiting for me all wrapped in cardboard and tape with a distinctive Workcycles logo. I've been greening widely when I was freewheeling it back to my flat, and getting plenty of raised eyebrows on the way.Then finally I got it into my lobby


  1. Santa
    Gave me a Gazelle Grenoble so i can guess what the feeling is like
    Looking forward to a report on the cargo bike

  2. Hope you have a big flat !

  3. @Anon - the bakfiets is meant to live outdoors. It's going to be chained to my personal sheffield stand which I installed in the garden. It's way to big for even big flats.

  4. Merry Christmas to you :>)

    Very nice!

  5. I look forward to hearing your impressions, particularly on the handling when loaded and the roller brakes. I've used Sturmey drums and the basic Shimano rollers, but never the higher-end ones you get on the Bakfiets (IM70s I think). If they are good I may end up using them in the future.

    Definitely a practical machine

  6. MrColostomy - the bike handles like a boat. It floats and glides - when I got back on my Pashley it felt too responsive and jerky. The hub gives a lot of range in gears, runs smoothly and shifts very quickly. The brakes give a lot of stopping power. I started using the harnesses for my kids since when I squeeze the levers hard enough I can stop on a dime - quite a feat when the rig weighs 180kg in total.
    Riding loaded is a pleasure - I would say riding empty is slightly more difficult. But then this is to be expected from a cargobike.