Thursday 3 March 2011

it's time to talk

I've been neglecting my blog, my twitter activity and many other things since the recession seems to be finally over in my segment of the market (as an extension of the "unexpected" boom in Middle Eastern building market) which means I have just enough spare time to see my kids every evening and to sleep.

However I have decided to use my lunch break to type up a quick but very important note about an event which I have been informed about by a group of very interesting people some time ago. Because of the vision of livable London these people share, they have come up with and idea of a platform for people to learn and express their ideas about how to improve the city and turning it from a transit zone into a place that people actually want to live in.

Thus an event has been set up for people who would like to see London change into a much more pleasant place. It's called Street Talks and the first one of a series is going to be held in The Yorkshire Grey pub on Tuesday 8th March (2011). Anyone who'd like to share ideas, learn something about urban design or have a nice pint with interesting people is very welcome.

As mentioned by Mark at his ibikelondon blog:

Tom Barry, all-seeing Mayoral eye and editor of Boriswatch is the first speaker; Tom not only “reads through TfL Board minutes so you don’t have to,” he lives under the flight path at Heathrow and is first to guess when the Piccadilly line might break down and why.. he's kicking things off with a transport-focussed address; "State of the City - the highs and lows of London transport policy 2000 - 2011".

These events are a unique opportunity for people who would like to influence policies in London to unite, find out about what they can do and get support for their own initiatives. 

See you there.

Oh, do check out their facebook page.

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  1. Hi Ndru,

    It's Eva from "Cargo bike Culture". I like your blog, I didn't know we share the screen image, nice one!!! ;-P
    I am doing some fieldwork for my project and I am trying to find people to interview who have used a cargo bike and I was wondering if I could interview you.

    Let me know if you're interested,

    Best wishes,