Thursday 26 August 2010

oh, now I get it

It just occured to me that we are in a vicious circle. 

People drive because it's not safe to cycle.
It's not safe to cycle, because there are too many cars on the roads.
We cannot build cycle paths because we need parking spaces for cars,
People need cars because there aren't enough cycle paths. 

Therein lies the root of the problem. And while I am not anti car - it has it's purpose - I think we need to realize that at some point the car started to limit us instead of setting us free. 

By the way - I felt that restricting commenting to only those with google acounts or some such is a bit exclusive, so now anyone can comment. 


  1. And we have a slightly machismo cyclist phenomenon in the UK. The MTFU ride-in-primary filter-on-the-right assertive style of riding is fine for experienced and confident cyclists, and is also part of the fight back. They will tend, however, to oppose dedicated cycle lanes, even when they're well-designed, as things that marginalise them. And so it goes.

    Safety in numbers so any way to get the numbers up is right in my book.

  2. This could be the reason why it's mostly men that ride bicycles in London. And believe me if someone wants to cycle in between cars, sure be my guest. The roads are already there for you, full of cars. I, personally, want to take my whole family on a ride and that includes a 5 month old infant in a bakfiets and a 4 year old on a tag-along. I want to take them to the city centre and show them many of the fantastic sights London has to offer. At the moment I can't because there's no way I get get to the city centre on a bike.

  3. I'm sure it is a big reason why there's a big gender imbalance on two wheels.

    On the kids-up-to-town question, I know this is not enough but it is at least something. The London Skyride is coming up on 5 September and local cycling groups will be organising ''feeder rides'' up to town. Greenwich cyclists, for example, are organising a ''crocodile'' from Woolwich. (

  4. Nice one. I've already signed up for the skyride, unfrotunately my kids are away at the moment, so I am going just to check it out, without them. Perhaps I should join the group leaving from Woolwich Arsenal.